Shikhar Dhawan dismisses all the allegations put on him by Rohit Sharma and David Warner

Shikhar Dhawan recently took to Instagram in a live session with Irfan Pathan. The left-hander had a chat with Pathan and dismissed all the friendly accusation slapped on him by two of his opening partner Rohit Sharma and David Warner.

In a recent Instagram live session, Rohit Sharma and David Warner had a candid chat. The duo talked about Shikhar Dhawan who is the opening partner both the batsmen. Both the duo revealed various secrets about their common opening partner and slapped a few friendly accusations on him. Rohit Sharma complained that Shikhar Dhawan never volunteers to face the first ball of the innings and always force his partner to strike the first delivery of the game.

David Warner blamed Shikhar Dhawan of taking a single off the last ball:

While on the topic, David Warner also revealed a secret about his opening partner from Sunrisers Hyderabad. David Warner revealed that Shikhar Dhawan often tries to steal a single from the last ball so that he can retain the strike.

However, Shikhar Dhawan who appeared on an Instagram live with Irfan Pathan recently brushed off the allegations and defended him. Talking about the allegation from Rohit Sharma, Dhawan said it was more of a custom than an intentional act by him. He informed of his return game from 2013. Shikhar Dhawan said  “I don’t like taking a strike on the first ball. If my partner is a youngster, I will have a word with him, and if he’s not comfortable to take the strike, I will obviously take it,” He further added, “In 2013, it was my comeback game when Rohit started as the opener, so Rohit took strike as it was a comeback game, so it became a pattern and continued for most of the games.”

He also talked about the allegation from David Warner. Dhawan completely brushed off the accusation from David Warner. He said “David Warner was saying that I take a single on the last ball of the over, I disagree to that,” 

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