The Best Of French Open: Rene Lacoste vs Bill Tilden

The 118th edition of the French Open is all set for another series of epic matches. Roland Garros has a great history of producing memorable matches. The most renowned clay of Paris has created the greatest champions of the sport in many intensive, fiery, preferred and exciting fortnights all over the years.

 It is difficult to count all the greatest matches played at Roland Garros but here is one match which is widely considered as the most epic match in the history of Roland Garros. This match was played between Rene Lacoste and Bill Tilden in the 1927 French Open finals.

Rene Lacoste defeated Bill Tilden 6-4, 4-6, 5-7, 6-3, 11-9 to conquer the 1927 edition of the Roland Garros. The epic finals between Lacoste and Tilden remain one of the best matches ever in Paris. Lacoste defeated Bill in the indelible five sets, winning his second French Open title.

Bill Tilden is known as one of the greatest players ever. He won seven US Open championships and three Wimbledon in his career. A French Open title in his cabinet would have dignified his name in the list of the greatest players of the sport. It was a period when the French players dominated the French Open for many years. Bill could have broken the winning streak of the French players in Paris. But again it was a French player who conquered the title.

On one side was Bill Tilden, who was trying to win the French Open for the first time in his career. The title could have put each of the three most prestigious trophies of the sport on his trophy shelf. At that time, the Australian Open was not considered as a “major tournament” though it was a “major tournament” as many players didn’t travel down to Australia until it included 128 players in the main draw in 1988.

On the other side was Rene Lacoste who founded the retail brand Lacoste in 1933. Lacoste along with Jean Borotra and Henri Cochet began to establish dominance at the French Open. Lacoste was not only defending his French Open title but he was also defending the French player’s title.

But Rene Lacoste won the championship thus maintaining the dominance of French players in Paris. The match is known to be one of the best matches in the history of the French Open by far. The 2019 edition of Roland Garros is about to start, next month and it is expected to bring some promising and exciting matches as it brings repeatedly every year.

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