These are the top active goal scorers of football

It is said that a good footballer identifies his goal score. This shows how effective the player is. Although there are many players in football history who do not have big goals but we will talk about active players. So let’s know about the world’s top active goal scorer –

Clint dempsey

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Clint Dempsey is considered to be America’s greatest football player. He has scored around 57 goals in his international football career so far. These are the highest goals in the list of American football players. He scored his 57th goal in his 141st International match. Clint had to work very hard for this goal. The USA vs Costa Rica match was going on. America had scored a goal. The opposing team was also constantly trying to score goals. However, the American team did not allow him to reach his goal post. After that the match was about to end when Clint ran to the goal post of Costa Rica, running with the ball. No player could stop him. In an instant, he put the ball inside the goal post. With this goal, he achieved the best score of his life. Even after this Clint kept trying, but so far he had not scored any goal. However, it is expected that soon he will take this score to 60 goals.

David Villa

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David Villa is a well-known striker from Spain. It is said that no player like David Villa has come in the national team of Spain yet. With the speed and quickness that these goals run towards the post, with the help of these players they dodge. The player standing in front is just watching and David scores goals. In today’s time, he is known as the best player in Spain. While playing with the Spanish team, David has so far scored 59 goals to his name. This is considered to be the highest score by any Spanish player. David has shown this feat in his 98 match career. Not only Spain, David is also dominated in club matches. In a club match, he is like a rocket that no one can stop. So far, he has scored 400 goals while playing a club match.

Sunil Chhetri

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For many years, India was not getting any special recognition in international football. However, Sunil Chhetri changed this. He has achieved success so quickly from his game that today his and India’s name has been illuminated all over the world. Sunil Chhetri has scored 64 goals in his 101 International matches so far. The most surprising thing is that with this, Sunil Chhetri has now come on par with Messi, the best player of football. His and Messi have the same score but even then they got third place in the list. However, Sunil Chhetri continues to move forward. His game is getting better day by day. Now he is only behind Ronaldo in terms of goal score. Everyone in the country hopes that Sunil will soon make that record in his name. The credit of giving a new identity to football in India is also being given to Sunil Chhetri. Because of him, a football revolution has started in the country.


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If you break the record of your goal score, then learn from Messi. In just one match, he broke so many records that hardly anyone else could do it. Messi had landed in the field to play his 124th match. His match was with Haiti. The match began and Argentina started dominating Haiti right from the start. It was only a short time before the match started that Messi came into his color. He slowly started moving to the goal posts of Haiti. A few attempts failed but Messi finally scored his first goal. After this, Messi’s name started echoing all over the ground. Messi did not stop here. He continued to score goals. While doing so, he scored 2 more goals till the end of the match. Argentina had beaten the opposing team 4–0. With this Messi broke his goal score. His score was now 64 goals. Not only this, he came second in the scoring list. At the same time, Messi also completed his sixth international hat-trick.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Ronaldo, playing against Morocco in his 152nd match, set a new record by scoring 85th goal. Ronaldo scored this goal during the FIFA Word Cup. With this, Ronaldo brought the name of himself and his country to the top. Ronaldo is the top scorer at the moment, having shown his own in football for years. His score is very high in terms of goals. It is believed that it will be very difficult for Messi to break this record. Ronaldo reached this point by scoring very fast. It is believed that before finishing his career, he will definitely score a century of international goals.

So these are the top international goal scorers of this time. All of them have achieved this position through their games. Today the world is a fan of all these. It is their hard work that has made them so big

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