Top 5 International Players

Top 5 International Players
RankPlayer NamePrice in RsTeamNationality
1Mohammad Nabibakhsh77.75 lakhBengal WarriorsIran
2Abozar Mohajermighani75 lakhTelugu TitansIran
3Jang Kun Lee40 lakhPatna PiratesRepublic of Korea
4Mohammad Esmaiel 35 lakhPatna PiratesIran
5Dong Geon Lee25 lakhU MumbaRepublic of Korea

The PKL 2019 closeouts for remote players began with a slam into Monday, as the main player named in the rundown – Abozar Mighani – drew everybody’s consideration. 

Gujarat Fortunegiants were the first to offer for Abozar before Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors engaged in extreme offerings for the Iranian. 

U Mumba and Haryana Steelers too joined the offering war and at one point it looked like Patna Pirates would have the last chuckle with their Rs 75 lakh offer. 

In any case, 

they couldn’t prevail as Telugu Titans practiced their Final Bid Match (FBM) right to rope in the Iranian for the subsequent straight season.


Mohammad Nabibaksh 

Abozar’s countryman Mohammad Nabibaksh too drew a great deal of consideration when putting under the mallet. 

After some furious offering by the franchisee, all-rounder Nabibaksh, who had a base cost of just Rs 10 lakh, 

was at last packed away by Bengal Warriors for Rs 77.75 lakh, making him the costliest remote select this season.

Jang Kun Lee to play for Patna Pirates 

Shockingly, Bengal Warriors demonstrated no enthusiasm for holding star South Korean marauder Jang Kun Lee, as Patna Pirates got him for Rs 40 lakh. 

Lee had spent the past six seasons with Bengal Warriors and was a deadly weapon in their arsenal. 

Lee is the top-scoring outsider in the association’s history with 433 focuses. 

In the meantime, it turned out to be evident that Patna Pirates needed to support it’s striking as after Lee, they stowed Iranian all-rounder Hadi Oshtorak for Rs 16 lakh. 

Mohammad Maghsoudlou 

Another Iranian pillager, Mohammad Maghsoudlou, pulled in enthusiasm from U Mumba and Bengal Warriors in the early offers before they were joined by Haryana Steelers. 

Be that as it may, once more, Patna Pirates had the last giggle as they picked Maghsoudlou for Rs 35 lakh. 

Regardless of the sales including players from a few nations, even from the United States, the Iranians overwhelmed the procedures all the way as another Iranian – Amir Hossein – discovered home in Haryana Steelers.

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