Former RCB Coach Highlights Virat Kohli’s Mistakes As A RCB Captain, For RCB Not Winning An IPL Title.

Virat Kohli RCB: The IPL 2020 is only a matter of days away. The cricket pundits and analysts have already started their analysis of the players and the teams in the upcoming IPL. Over the years, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has had a star-studded batting line up. However, they have still failed to win a single IPL title. Former RCB coach Ray Jennings recently stated that the captain Virat Kohli backed some of the wrong players. Hence, his ideology did not match with Kohli’s ideology.

Jennings served as the RCB coach from 2009 to 2014. He had set some particular plans for some players, but Kohli did not approve of them. Jennings is the most successful coach in RCB’s history and under him, the team reached the finals 2 times in 2009 and 2011. He even said that sometimes Kohli found himself lone in guiding his team to a respectable position.


“If I have to look back then I would say that in IPL there used to be 25-30 players (in the squad) and it was the coach’s duty to look after all the players. Sometimes he was a bit of a loner in the team. Sometimes, he backed the wrong players. But, you can’t blame him for that. I wanted certain players to bowl or bat in certain conditions/situations, but he had different ideas,” Jennings told (Virat Kohli RCB)

Jennings felt that RCB needed someone around Virat Kohli to guide him. (Virat Kohli RCB)

Virat Kohli RCB

Moreover, Jennings even said that he had fixed some players to play in a particular position. However, Kohli who took over RCB’s captaincy in 2013, never gave them the chance to play. However, he still backs Kohli to guide the team to their maiden IPL title soon. He feels that RCB has a good cricketing brain in Virat Kohli. According to Jennings, Kohli’s best as a captain is yet to come.

“You needed somebody around Virat to guide him (at that point in time). Of course, he and I bumped a few times, but he is a good guy and a very quick learner. Nice to see him grow as a player and now as a captain. His mannerism is great. His best is yet to come,” Jennings concluded. (Virat Kohli RCB)

RCB will start their IPL 2020 campaign with a match against the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) on September 21.

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