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Watch: Virat Kohli trolls Yuzvendra Chahal for his funny look

The Coronavirus has caused havoc in the entire World. The game of cricket is one of the most heavily affected events in the World and many upcoming series and tournaments have been cancelled. However, the biggest setback has come in the form of IPL.

The indefinite postponement of IPL has disappointed a lot of fans and players and boards have come up with solutions such as live sessions for interactions amongst fans and players. In one latest such interaction, Virat Kohli talked to various kids in a talk show organized by the cricket board.

Chahal is the ‘biggest joker’: Virat Kohli

Star Sports had organized a show for the interaction of kids with Virat Kohli. In the show ‘Cricket Connected’ while, Kohli was having a candid conversation with the kids, the hilarious leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal gatecrashed the show.

Chahal started the show on a bright note as he said that already a lot has been disclosed about him on the internet. Virat Kohli also replied to Chahal in a humorous way as he said that yes even the kids were talking about his Tik Tok videos.

Kohli questioned Chahal on his new hairstyle to which Chahal informed him that his sister gave him his new look. However, Kohli jokingly told Chahal that his new hairstyle seems like he was being chased by dogs. Kohli stated “ “I think dogs were after you.”

Virat Kohli did not hesitate to call Yuzvendra Chahal a joker and stated that the pace spearhead of national team Jasprit Bumrah is next on the list of jokers. He said “For me, definitely the biggest joker is Chahal. Next is Jasprit (Bumrah). He has been a revelation,” Kohli stated in the video.

He also said “I never knew he would talk in detail like this publicly. One on one he does it quite often, but I never thought he would do so openly like this.”

Watch the hilarious videos:

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