Three potential shockers: a major character change for a prominent Superstar, an offer for Sami Zayn,

Even without the surprises discussed in this article, this week's episode of WWE SmackDown should be one to keep an eye out for

Since Triple H has always fought for high-caliber programming, this episode should be no exception.

Following that, here are three WWE SmackDown shocks that we might see on the evening

Please feel free to comment on what we've said and to express your opinions. Reader, start discussions, start conflicts, and preview WWE SmackDown your way

Furthermore, keep in mind that these surprises are only what we want to see; they are not guaranteed to occur on the show

WWE SmackDown Stars frequently make appearances on RAW, and vice versa. The Usos' next opponent is a major

issue right now, and four elite teams are vying for the honour.

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