Andy Murray recalls funny dinner experience with Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg

Laver Cup 2022: As the tennis stars started their promotional duties for the Laver Cup in London, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic were at their funniest.

Murray described what transpired while he was out to dinner with Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg.

Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Federer are already in London getting ready for the Laver Cup action this weekend

Rafael Nadal has not yet arrived in the nation's capital, but he is already participating in the fun by posting funny remarks on social media.

Federer was actually bragging about his familiarity with the city where he has won a few World Tour Finals championships in addition to eight Wimbledon triumphs.

As per usual, Andy Murray was hilarious as ever, making jokes about a particular dinner that he had with Roger Federer and Team Europe leader Bjorn Borg.

Murray was made to feel better by Djokovic, who also added to the humour by making it plain that he was not going to the dinner date.

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