Asia Cup 2022: Interesting statistics information thus far

India joined Afghanistan as the second team to advance to the Asia Cup Super 4 round on Wednesday. With two victories from their two league stage games,

including a 40-run victory against Hong Kong, a side that is placed 20th in the ICC T20I team rankings, India finished first in Group A.

The Asia Cup, which debuted in the T20 format for the first time in 2016 and is currently in its second iteration, has so far delivered some outstanding cricket

Najibullah Zadran blasted six sixes during his 43 unbeaten against Bangladesh, becoming the first player in Asia Cup 2022 history to do so.

Suryakumar Yadav's 68 unbeaten off 26 balls against Hong Kong in Dubai on August 31 made him the second batter to hit six sixes.

Suryakumar's 360-degree strRashid Khan has allowed 34 runs in eight overs, claiming three wickets in two matches with an economy rate of 4.25.iking altered the course of the game.

Pakistan gave up the most extras of any side thus far in India's 148 for five innings (5 leg byes and 9 wides).

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