Felt considerably more comfortable: Commentary by Cameron Norrie on defeating Holger Rune to go to the fourth round of the US Open

In a statement following his victory in the US Open third round on Saturday, Cameron Norrie stated that he felt much more at ease than usual

For the first time ever, Norrie advanced to the fourth round of the Grand Slam.

Rune was beaten by Norrie 7-5 6-4 6-1

During the game, there was some dispute when Rune claimed that Norrie had intercepted his ball toss

It was a little irksome, according to Rune. The 19-year-old said that while catching the ball throw a few times throughout the game was okay, what Norrie did was improper and much too much.

The British No. 1 also praised his opponent for the day, claiming that Rune is a really skilled player and that it was difficult to play against him.

According to a post-match interview with Yahoo Sport, Norrie believed he performed a little bit better than in his last encounter and was much more at ease that day.

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