US Open 2022: Coco Gauff on the raucous support she received in her match during the third round - I cannot hear my own screaming.

When playing Chinese tennis player Zhang Shuai in the US Open in 2022, American tennis great Coco Gauff claimed that she could scarcely hear cries.

In the third round, Coco Gauff defeated Zhang Shuai 7-5, 7-5.

The support for Coco Gauff even astounded Coco Gauff's father

Next up for Coco Gauff is Caroline Garcia of France

I can't hear my own screams from here. increases my desire to perform it. I believe I'm heavily relying on the momentum

I like it. It's good because New York is bringing out a side of me that I haven't had since I was 15," Gauff was reported as stating following the game

Zhang threatened to force the match into a tri-breaker, but Gauff maintained her composure and won every time.

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