Coco Gauff predicts Australian Nick Kyrgios to win the US Open, saying that she believes he can progress.

Nick Kyrgios has been predicted by Coco Gauff to win the US Open and has said that he can compete in the finals. Medvedev will take against Kyrgios in the fourth round.

Although taking on Medvedev would be challenging, Gauff believes the Australian star can win it all

According to the 18-year-old, Kyrgios can win the event and has the talent to do it, as reported by the Express

Gauff said that she always wants the Australian to triumph, regardless of the challenger he faces

The 18-year-old remarked, "If he keeps it up, I think he can go far." "He can take the title. We are all aware of his capacity. At Wimbledon, he was quite near

Gauff also discussed her acquaintance with Kyrgios, adding that she thinks he's a great guy and describing their first meeting

The 18-year-old claimed the Australian has always been kind to her and she could never detest him, even if she acknowledged that she disagrees with some of what he does

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