How to enhance Splatoon 3 Hero Gear with Sardiniums

Campaign mode in Splatoon 3 might be a little intimidating at times, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the series.

Some secret stages, like the Secret Kettle, might be challenging to get past, especially if players lack the necessary resources and techniques.

Fortunately, the Hero Gear upgrade feature in Splatoon 3's Alterna narrative mode enables players to level up as they advance through the stages

However, players will need to get their hands on a sizable quantity of Sardinium and Power Eggs in order to upgrade these gears and weapons in the game.

Players in the shooter will only be able to upgrade their Hero Gear after investing these resources

Players will need to gather Sardinium as they go through the campaign mode's many stages because upgrading a Hero Gear requires a significant amount of it

In Splatoon 3, some Sardiniums can be challenging to locate. As a result, the focus of today's guide will be on discussing every site where gamers can find resources

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