Imran Tahir and Daren Sammy have been added to the Manipal Tigers' Legends League cricket

West Indies captain Daren Sammy, a two-time T20 World Cup champion, and South African legspinner Imran Tahir have been signed by

Manipal Tigers for the Legends League Cricket, which begins on September 16. Corey Anderson from New Zealand has also joined the Tigers' roster.

The most money was spent on the players by Manipal Tigers, who paid Rs. 6,91,20,000

Manipal Tigers still have Rs 1,08,80,000 available to spend on new players

Harbhajan Singh, a former Indian spinner, is the team's captain

According to Raman Raheja, CEO and Co-Founder of Legends League Cricket, all three cricketers have significant T20

experience for their respective nations and have made match-winning contributions for several other T20 Leagues now playing across the world

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