Bhaichung Bhutia pledges to work for Indian football's development: It's time to put election-related issues to rest.

Bhaichung Bhutia, a former captain of India, stated on Wednesday that he will work hard to advance football in the nation.

I'm determined to contribute to the growth of football in the nation. Bhutia Bhaichung

Bhutia continued, saying it was time to put all election-related concerns to rest

I hope that with Kalyan Chaubey as president, Indian football will develop: Bhutia Bhaichung

At the same time, the former football player expressed sadness over how the development of the sport had "suffered over the previous many decades as wrong people" were let into the national and state associations due to "political interference

He challenged them to take over the United Sikkim football club for at least three years in response to several accusations made by his political opponents questioning his contributions to football in Sikkim or overseas

After the electoral defeat, the former Indian captain remarked that he was trying to be optimistic and that "even the divine powers want me to stay in Sikkim and do good work for the people

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