John Cena announces WWE retirement

Since SummerSlam 2021, John Cena hasn't competed in a WWE televised bout because to his ongoing responsibilities outside of wrestling.

In addition, Vince Russo wouldn't be shocked if John Cena didn't make a comeback when Vince McMahon decided to retire permanently from WWE.

For more than a decade, Cena has been McMahon's most reliable top man, and according to Russo, the former world champion isn't as loyal to Triple H.

Regarding John Cena's impending in-ring retirement, Vince Russo had the following

to say on this week's episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW.

Although Triple H may now be in charge, Cena vs. Theory is still one of the matches that WWE wants to schedule for WrestleMania 39.

The good news is that 45-year-old WWE Superstar John Cena still has a lot of energy left.

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