The storied Chicago Bulls jersey of Michael Jordan sells for a record-breaking USD 10.1 million.

A record-breaking USD 10.091 million was paid at auction for Michael Jordan's storied 1998 Chicago Bulls jersey in New York

Diego Maradona's Hand of God jersey, which sold for USD 9.28 million at auction, was outbid by Jordan's garment in terms of price.

Jordan sells his storied Chicago Bulls jersey for a record-breaking USD 10.1 million.

Jordan's jersey sells for more money than Maradona's Hand of God shirt does

Jordan's "Last Dance" jersey was purchased at a New York auction.

Jordan's Nike Air Ships sneakers were auctioned off in October 2021 and brought $1.47 million

On November 1, 1984, the Chicago Bulls star was playing in his fifth NBA game while sporting the red and white sneakers.

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