– Naomi Osaka said that her body won't let her step on the court

Due to illness, Naomi Osaka withdrew from the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo. She claimed that although her body would not permit it

she wished to enter the court. Due to an injury, Osaka missed Wimbledon earlier this year

Osaka had declared she was in good health and shape before the competition.

Wimbledon was missed by Naomi Osaka due to an earlier-this-year injury.

Osaka added, "I believe generally I've learned a lot about myself. Of sure, the year hasn't been the finest year for me.

"I'm glad to be well because when I got hurt in Europe, it was the first time it took me so long to recover.

I believe that there are ups and downs in life, and this one was more down than up, but generally I'm content with my current situation.

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