The major focus is on earning medals, not breaking the 90-meter barrier: Niraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra said in a statement to the media following his historic victory in the Diamond League Final that he is not under any pressure to break the 90-meter

barrier in the javelin and is instead concentrating on improving how he manages the situations at big tournaments

Neeraj Chopra took up the Diamond Trophy by throwing 88.44 metres.

In 2022, Neeraj has thrown seven times or more over 86 metres.

There is no pressure on me to surpass the 90-second mark. Neeraj

Neeraj Chopra made his remarks after becoming the first Indian to win the Diamond League Final championship on Thursday with a best throw of 88.44 metres

akub Vadlejch of the Czech Republic came in second place, managing 86.94m, significantly below his 90.88m personal and season best. Neeraj won the race

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