Repeat hi hoga: Irfan trolls Pakistan fan after being asked about result vs India

On Sunday, September 4th, India will compete against Pakistan in the Asia Cup's Super 4. India had previously defeated Babar Azam's side in a tough match.

After the 2019 World Cup, Momin Saqib's "maaro mujhe maaro" video became viral.

Hardik Pandya's valour helped India win their group stage match.

Irfan Pathan, a former cricketer for India, was quizzed by Momin about the impending game

Pathan responded that the outcomes would be replayed in one of his most entertaining performances

After hearing Pathan's response, Momin enquired as to whether Pathan intended the outcome from the prior year to relate to Pakistan's victory in the 2021 T20 World Cup

After laughing uncontrollably at his own response, Pathan went on to say that it was an aberration and wouldn't happen again since the Indian players had recovered from the disaster

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