Cristiano Ronaldo underperforms in a contentious loss for Manchester United as evidenced by these 5 talking points | UEFA Europa League 2022–23

On Thursday, September 8, Real Sociedad defeated Manchester United 1-0 in the UEFA Europa League

After being eligible for the Champions League for the previous two years, United was demoted to the Europa League

With a number of new hires at the club, they wanted to start the season strong

To assure their return to the premier league in Europe, the Red Devils will aim to win this match

Sociedad, on the other hand, earned a spot in the UEL for a third consecutive season thanks to their La Liga standing. However, they were a slightly weaker team

than in prior competitions because they lost Alexander Isak to Newcastle United over the summer. It was certain to be an exciting experience

Real Sociedad managed to hold on and defeat English competition for the first time in a competitive match. Having said that, let's look at the game's five most important talking topics.

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