The FA has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United in connection with a phone incident involving an Everton supporter.

The Football Association in England has charged Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo for an April incident involving an autistic Everton fan

 After United's defeat at Goodison Park, the five-time Ballon d'Or winner seemed to slap little Jacob Harding's hand as he exited the field.

Ronaldo is accused of acting violently by the FA.

Ronaldo was charged following an April incident involving an autistic Everton supporter.

Responding to the allegations, Ronaldo's supporters at Manchester United

In a swift response to the FA, Manchester United stated that they were assisting Ronaldo in disputing the allegations

When it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo, we take heed of the FA announcement. We'll be behind the athlete as he responds to the accusation "said a Manchester United spokeswoman.

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