Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi caught masturbating in video chat

On social media, a purportedly lewd video of Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi is going viral

 Afridi is purportedly seen masturbating while on a video conversation in the image, which was posted on Twitter by a user whose identity was previously thought to be TikTok celebrity Hareem Shah

Shah showed that the woman in the video doesn't have a Twitter account, raising doubts about the video's legitimacy.

Here is the video, shared by @iHareemShah on the social media platform Twitter. the cricketer who was engaged in live video masturbation

Hashtag #ShaheenAfridi He claimed he wished to speak

 A few minutes later, he began exposing his intimate area. Is it correct?

This vedeo is From 2019  And is Going To Virel Today

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