No one on the Indian team, according to Shahid Afridi, likes Gautam Gambhir

A provocative comment made by Shahid Afridi on Gautam Gambhir has caused a great uproar among Indian supporters.

Harbhajan Singh, a former teammate of Gambhir, received harsh criticism for how he responded to the remarks from fans who expressed their outrage on social media.

It's not like I've gotten into a physical altercation with any Indian guys. There are debates with Gautam Gambhir on social media occasionally.

And according to me, even among the Indian squad, Gautam is a type of character that no one loves, Afridi said on live television.

Both Bhajji and Lala received criticism from the crowd for their offensive behaviour.

Afridi recently appeared on Pakistan's Samaa TV for the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup build-up and took a swipe at Gambhir.

He said no one on the Indian squad loves the left-handed hitter, which made the host and Harbhajan giggle.

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