The Miz opens up about the storyline with the current WWE Superstar.

The Miz, a two-time WWE Champion, spoke candidly about his ongoing plot with Dexter Lumis

After SummerSlam, Dexter Lumis recently made a comeback on the Raw post-show segment

Security was seen removing NXT's resident stalker as he attempted to disrupt the main event

Since then, he has targeted the former WWE Champion, which has caused the A-Lister to lose concentration during his matches and was defeated as a result.

Miz was recently questioned about how things have gone with his stalker during an interview with the New York Post

 The two-time Grand Slam winner reflected on his experiences being twice kidnapped by Lumis and that it was embarrassing for him to talk about it.

During the same interview, the two-time WWE Champion gloated about the multiple roles he plays for WWE

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