Virat Kohli defends Arshdeep Singh during the India vs. Pakistan matchup by saying that anyone may make a mistake.

After his lost catch of Asif Ali proved to be the pivotal moment in the match between India and Pakistan on Sunday

Virat Kohli leapt to Arshdeep Singh's defence. In a game under extreme pressure, anyone might have made such error, according to Kohli.

Asif Ali attempted to sweep Ravi Bishnoi in the 18th over, when 34 runs were needed, and it appeared like he would be going back to the pavilion

However, Singh missed the easy opportunity, and Ali continued to play to turn the game back in Pakistan's favour.

The Indian bowler, age 23, was tasked with holding off seven runs in the last over, but he failed to do so as Pakistan prevailed by five wickets.

Singh received a lot of negative feedback from the fans on social media following the game. Kohli, though, has since defended the 23-year-old spinner.

Senior players should approach you; the current team dynamic is positive, and I commend the captain and coach for that.

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