Stunning press conference disclosures from Virat Kohli: From MS Dhoni's message to the BCCI's accusation of misunderstanding

After India's loss against Pakistan on Sunday, Virat Kohli delivered a bombshell, claiming that after giving up the Test captaincy earlier in 2022, he did not receive much support while he was going through difficult moments

Only MS Dhoni, according to Kohli, sent him a text after he ceded control of the game's longest format.

Virat Kohli's words on Sunday caused a social media frenzy

After he resigned as Test captain, according to Kohli, nobody texted him save for MS Dhoni

This is not the first time Kohli has made controversial remarks at a news conference

Following the World Cup in the UAE in 2017, Kohli renounced his position as T20I captain. He lost his job as India's ODI captain shortly after. In both game forms, concerns were raised about Kohli's prolonged lean spell

In January 2022, a day after India lost a three-match Test series in South Africa, Kohli unexpectedly resigned as Test captain

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