Do you know how playing conditions in cricket will change from October 1

The playing conditions will alter beginning on October 1st, 2022, according to the International Cricket Council. Numerous adjustments have been made.

Regardless of whether the batters crossed before the catch was made, if a batter is out caught, the next hitter will walk out in the striker's end.

Saliva ball polishing was outlawed in the Covid-19 globe. The alterations were made permanent once it was observed that saliva or sweat had little effect on the cherry.

In ODIs and Tests, the entering batter used to have a lengthy three minutes to take strike, but that time has been cut in half

The fielding captain may request that the batter be ejected if he or she does not reach the crease within the required amount of time.

The umpire might now give the batting side five penalty runs in addition to calling "dead ball" for any unfair or intentional movement made as the bowler is running in to deliver the ball.

Before, a bowler might throw the ball to try to run out the striker if they noticed the batter moving toward the wicket as they started their delivery stride. This exercise will henceforth be known as a Dead ball.

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