WWE apparently withdrew Ezekiel from its internal roster; there are rumours of fresh intentions for the character.

According to a source, WWE has taken Ezekiel off of its internal talent list.

In April of this year, Ezekiel made his WWE debut, claiming to be Elias' younger brother

The RAW Superstar got into a fight with Kevin Owens because the latter didn't accept that Ezekiel was Elias' brother and that Elias was actually him

According to a recent article from PWInsider, Ezekiel might no longer appear in the shows after being dropped from the TV

According to reports, Elias took Ezekiel's spot last week on the internal talent roster.

In his final RAW match, Ezekiel faced off against Kevin Owens, and the former Universal Champion brutally beat him

That evening, Ezekiel had to be carried on a stretcher out of the arena.

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