Top RAW Superstar might be the next Undertaker, according to a WWE legend

Finn Balor, as The Demon King, according to WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events Road Dogg, has the potential to succeed Undertaker.

The mysterious aura of the character has made it a favorite among viewers, though we seldom see it anymore

One of WWE's greatest inventions, the Undertaker, might be replaced by The Demon King.

Despite the fact that we no longer frequently see the persona, viewers nevertheless love its enigmatic aura

Road Dogg said on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws that WWE might bring the persona back since it plays on the idea that everyone has inner demons.

The Demon King might "maybe" become the next Undertaker, one of WWE's greatest creations, he continued, if given the correct push.

Due to the striking similarities in their character features, one of those matchups was against The Demon King, which supporters prayed would take place.

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