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What Is Meant By A Mat In Cricket?

On the internet, some people severely ask what is mat in cricket. It is asked because some people have thought that this sport is just played on the ground so what is the need for a mat in it. So here we are going to tell you what is it and what is the use of it. So read this blog till the last.


What Is A Mat In Cricket?

Mostly mat in cricket is referred to as a playing surface or pitch. It is commonly used in the context of artificial pitches. It is made up of synthetic materials like astroturf or artificial grass. These artificial pitches are made in several levels of cricket. It also includes practice, facilities, junior matches, and some of the lower-level competitions.

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What Is Meant By A Mat In Cricket?

The artificial pitches are known as mats because they are rolled into the ground like a mat or carpet. It gives a consistent playing surface that is not affected by weather conditions such as natural grass pitches.

Mat in cricket is used to allow for cricket matches to be played in areas where maintaining a natural grass pitch is not possible. On the other hand, the mat can also be referred to as the strip of the pitch where the bowler gives the ball to the batsman.

The strip is also known as wicket or pitch. It is a rectangular area where most of the action in a match takes place.

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