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What Is The Luckiest Cricket Team Jersey For Team India?

Have you wondered by thinking what is the luckiest cricket team jersey for Team India? Till now the jersey of the Indian cricket team has been charged a lot of time with color, sponsors, logos, and a lot of things. In these jerseys, some jerseys are claimed as the luckiest shirt for Team India. Come let us know which is the luckiest jersey.

Luckiest Cricket Team Jersey For Team India

What Is The Luckiest Cricket Team Jersey For Team India?

The answer to this question is based on the reviews of many different people. We have taken the reviews of many people. So a lot of people have claimed that the jersey of the 1983 year was the luckiest Cricket team jersey ever. It is analyzed by the years when India won the World Cup.

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1983 Jersey:

The first time India won the World Cup was in 1983. The self-belief that India got on the cricketing field after Kapil Dev’s team became world champions when team India wore a white color jersey with a v-shaped cardigan with black lines,

That uniform does have many sponsors, logos, and insignia, and it also didn’t have the names of cricket players.

2007 Jersey:

The second time India won the world cup was in 2007. In 2007, the jersey was very simple with just a light blue shirt which has a tricolor printed along one side and some orange stripes on the sleeves. The design was not just a simple matter. The epic scenes after India beat Pakistan in the 2007 T20 World Cup final can never be forgotten at all. The 2007 T20 World Cup jersey officially marked the beginning of Infia dominance in the ICC events.

2011 Jersey:

The third time India won the world cup was in 2011. Indian jersey in 2011 was in bleeding blue color in the campaign. Mahendra Singh Dhoni smashed Nuwan Kulasekara over wide long on the famous night which was witnessed in Wankhede stadium. The tri-color has a clear appearance of the torso this time. There were two diagonal lines like two hands lifting the cup.

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