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What Unique Things You Can Add To Your Cricket Kit?

If you are a cricketer, whether at beginner, intermediate, or professional level, you surely have a cricket kit that has all the necessary cricket equipment which are needed. But do you know there are some more unique things that you can add to your kit? We have shared all those things in this blog. So do read this blog till the end and then add those equipment to your kit now.

Cricket Kit

Unique Things To Add To Your Cricket Kit

There are several unique things that you can add to your cricket kit. You should add these equipment to your kit:

Cricket Accessories

There are three important cricket accessories that you should add to your kit:

Bat Oil:

The bat oil is used to maintain the health of your cricket bat. It is used daily and it helps in preventing your bat from drying out and cracks forming.


Sunglasses are also an important part, they are an essential piece of equipment for cricket players. They not just shield the eyes from UV rays from the sun but they also help in navigating the game. The player can protect their eye.

Grip Tape:

The grip tape is generally used to wrap around the handle of a cricket bat to improve grip. They look like grip tape that is long-lasting and it has high traction.

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Additional Accessories

There are some additional accessories that every player should have in their kit because they include some health-related items.

Water Bottle:

Every cricket player must add a water bottle to their cricket kit because they need proper hydration. They have to keep their water amount balanced properly.

Volini Spray:

A player should always add a Volini or any other company spray that can help them give relief from the pain. Most of the player suffers from injury so this will help them.


A cricket player should always have a glucose pack in their cricket kit so that they can get energy from time to time.

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