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Which Cricket Ball Is Better, A Tape Ball Or A Tennis Ball For Cricket?

Are you confused regarding cricket ball? Are you the one who is thinking about which ball is better, a tape ball or a tennis ball for cricket? This is a very tough choice for beginners as they do not have much idea and they do not properly know the difference between these two balls. To know which ball is better to place cricket, read this entire blog without missing anything.

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What Is A Tape Ball?

A Tape ball is a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape that is used in informal games of cricket like street cricket also known as tape ball cricket. It was pioneered in Karachi, Pakistan. The tape ball acts as an important cricket ball with the tape stretched tightly over the fuzzy field like the covering of a tennis ball to make sure the smooth surface produces pace after bouncing.

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What Is A Tennis Ball?

A Tennis ball is a ball which is made for the sport of tennis. These balls are fluorescent yellow in organized competitions but in recreational play, other colors are also used. They are covered in a fibrous felt which modifies their aerodynamic properties and each has a white curvilinear oval covering it.

Which Is A Better Cricket Ball, A Tape Ball Or A Tennis Ball?

If you want to choose a cricket ball between a tape ball or a tennis ball, so the choice depends on several factors like playing conditions, the skill level of the players, and personal preferences.

The tape balls are typically used in street cricket or informal matches. They are made by wrapping electrical tape around a tennis ball. It gives a stubble extra weight and on the other hand, it also allows it to swing more in the air. The tape balls are famous for their affordability and availability. They might not offer the same level of bounce and durability as tennis balls.

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