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Which Cricket Bat Is Better SS or GM?

SS and GM, both are two the highest-selling cricket bat brands. Both of the brands sell high-quality bats. But a lot of people ask which bat is better SS or GM. Which has the highest quality bat and other equipment. To know which bat is best between these two brands, check out this blog till the end.

Cricket Bat

SS Cricket Bat

SS is one of the highest-selling cricket bat brands. this company makes all their btas at Meerut, India. The most famous bat of this brand is “SS Blaster Exclusive Edition”. This bat will cost you around ₹1,600. This bat is one of the cheapest in the investor of SS. It is part of the SS Range type of bats. The bat is made of fifth-grade Kashmir willoe. It is on the low end of the wood scale for cricket bats. The grip of the bat is wrapped in a generic type of rubber which can make the bat a little difficult to grip with your hands.

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On the other hand, as per the reviews of people who have played with the bat of SS company hasfelt vibrations which are caused by batting. The vibrations are transferred to the hands instead of being absorbed by the handles. The bat is easy to pick up and handle because the swell is in the center.

A lot of professional Indian cricket players have used SS-brand cricket bats. Those crickets are MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Virender Sehwag, and Sourav Ganguly.

GM Cricket Bat

GM is also one of the most famous brands that make cricket bats. The popular and cheap bat of this company is GM Sting. This bat will cost you around ₹2,200. GM low-end bats are a steal for their price. These bats cater to beginners up till the semi-pro level of play. It might be expensive for beginners but this bat is great for beginners as it has a great quality.

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The GM brand is mostly known for making bats for beginners. The bat’s blade is made of Grade 1 Kashmir willow during the handle is made of either white willow wood or cane. The at is completely easy to pick up and the grip is pretty amazing. The handle is also fitted with a spring which absorbs vibrations when batting. The bat is also ready to use when purchased and is highly durable.

This brand of bats has been used by several cricket players such as Ben Stokes of England, Quinton de Kock of South Africa, and Travis Head of Australia.

Which Cricket Bat Is Best SS or GM?

By looking at all the consequences and details of both the company’s brands. GM is a great choice as compared to SS. SS is also a good brand, but as compared to GM. The cricket bats of GM are great for vegineers and they are also good for mid-professionals.

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