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Which Cricket Bat Is Good SG Or DSC?

SG and DSC, both of the companies make the best cricket bats. The bats of these companies are easily available in the sports market. But do you know which bat is better, is it SG or DSC? Come let’s find out this in this blog.

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Which Cricket Bat Is Good SG Or DSC?

SG which refers to Sanspareils Greenlands and DSC which refers to Delux Sports Company, both of the companies are well-known in the world of cricket equipment industry. Both of the companies produce very high-quality cricket bats. The choice between these two brands comes done to personal preference and also to some factors like the specific model of the bat, budget, and the player’s style of play.

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Difference Between SG And DSC Cricket Bat?

Many general points differentiate between SG and DSC , so read out those points here:

Quality: SG and DSC, both are well-known for making high-quality cricket bats that are used by professional cricketers in the entire world. It is important to look at the specific model of the bat and also at te factors such as used willow in it.

Player Preference: Many different players have different preferences when it comes to the feel and performance of the bat. A lot of players prefer the balance and pickup of a DSC bat and some prefer an SG bat.

Price: The price range of DSC and SG bats is mostly based on the model and the material used in the particular bat. You should look at the bat that offers good value for money in terms of performance and quality also.

The best way to choose between SG and DSC cricket bats is to try out bats from both of the brands if it is possible. It will tell you what is perfectly suiting your style and feel.

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