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Why Are Indian Cricket Batsman Still Not Using Stemguard Helmets?

Stemguard helmets are one of the most underrated helmets in the world of cricket. But it is one of the best helmets made ever till now. They provide extra protection for the head and neck. Unfortunately, we have noticed that till now Indian cricket batsmen have not used it and they are just using the regular cricket helmet which provides less protection as compared to the stemguards cricket helmets. To know what is the reason behind it, read this entire blog now.

Stemguard Helmets

What Is Stemguard Helmets?

The stemguard helmets are claimed as the best protective cricket helmets. They provide extra safety for the head and neck. These helmets were officially introduced after the shocking incident of Phil Hughes’s demise. He was a well-known cricketer who died on the field when he got hit just below his helmet behind his ears.

That is why the cricket helmet companies took the initiative and made something called stemguards. There are a lot of famous brands such as Masuri and more who sell these helmets.

As now countries having fast and bouncy pitches encourage their players to wear helmets with stem guards. This helmet gives an extra sense of security. It secures a player from injury that cannot be predicted but of course, it covers a lot of parts of the head. It is pretty safe and that is why a lot of countries claim to wear it during the matches.

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Why Are Indian Cricket Batsman Still Not Using Stemguard Helmets?

Not just Indian cricket batsmen, the batsmen from other countries like Pakistan, New Zealand, and some more do not use stem guard helmets now. But the Australian cricket batsman has been mostly seen wearing these helmets for their safety.

A lot of p; layers have been struggling against the short ball for several ages now but still they do not use these helmets for extra protection. Players like Yuvraj Singh and Shikhar Dhawan, are the players who immediately started using the Stemguard helmets after the death of Phil Hughes.

It is not known why players do not wear these helmets till now even though they gave them extra protection against hard balls. The board of cricket should look at it and make it compulsory to wear during the matches.

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