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Why Are The Thigh Guards Not Worn Externally In Cricket Games?

In cricket, the most important thing for players is their safety. That is why to protect themselves they use protective gear. In that gear, there is one important that is known as the thigh guard. It is an essential protective guard worn by batsmen. But we have seen a lot of players do not wear it. Here we are going to learn why players do not wear it.


Why Are The Thigh Guards Not Worn Externally In Cricket Games?

Thigh guards in cricket are very important guards, they are worn by batsmen to protect their thighs from impact by the cricket ball. These guards are worn underneath the trousers or shorts. A lot of players prefer not to wear them. There are many reasons behind it such as:


The thigh guards are made to fit snugly against the body to give effective protection. You can wear them underneath the clothing which helps in making sure a proper comfortable fit and it also minimizes any potential discomfort that can arise from wearing them externally.

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In this game by wearing this guard underneath the clothing, batsmen have greater freedom of movement in their legs. It is very important for running between the wickets, fielding, and also playing shots.


Cricket game has a traditional uniform that includes the trousers or shorts that are worn by players. Wearing the thigh guards externally can disrupt the uniformity and aesthetics of the player’s attire.

There is no force on batsmen that they have to wear the thing guards during any match. It is not compulsory at all, it is the choice and preference of players whether they have to wear it or not.

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