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Why Can’t The Indian Cricket Team Change Its Jersey From Blue To Any Other Color Like Red, Grey, Orange, etc.?

The jersey of the Indian cricket team is not just a jersey, it is an emotion. But some people are asking why can’t the Indian cricket team change its jersey. The jersey color of the Indian cricket team has been blue for a very long time now. In the time of 90’s the color of the Indian cricket team was white. Later it turned as blue and since then it has been blue. Some people are asking why can’t cricket team of India change their jersey from blue color to any other color like red, grey, orange, etc. To know why can’t the team change the color of their jersey, read this blog till the end.

Cricket in India is much more than just a sport, it is an emotion for millions of people. Also, it is a religion that people practice every single day and the love for this sport is deeply rooted in our tradition. This game has been played for a very long time now. Indian cricket players have made the entire India feel proud for a lot of time till now.

The biggest emotion for every single Indian cricket player is the jersey. Jersey is a uniform that makes them proud. The jersey of the Indian cricket team is blue. The Indian cricket team jersey is more than just a uniform and goes beyond fabric and colors. It is a true embodiment of the pride, legacy, and passion of a nation for the sport. From the classic whites of the 1983 World Cup win to today’s dynamic blue, every Indian cricket team jersey reflects the story of cricket.

Indian Cricket Team

Why Indian Cricket Team Jersey Is Blue?

The bleeding blue color is a color beyond choice. The Indian cricket jersey is not just the blue jersey, all of the sports jerseys for Indian players are blue. The Indian sports jerseys were officially chosen from the colors saffron, green, white, and blue. It represents our National Flag. The saffron color represents bravery and selflessness, the white color represents peace and truthiness, the green color represents faith, fertility, and prosperity and the blue color is in the Ashok Chakra in the National Flag, this color represents the sky and the ocean.

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As we all know commonly in India, the Saffron color is associated with Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and some political parties, and on the other hand Green color is associated with Islam. Choosing any of these colors for the Indian jersey wild has been perceived as showing religious or political agendas.

Cricket is a game that brings every single religious person together but if the associate had chosen green or saffron color people would never come together and there was some chance of protest. Choosing any of these colors would have damaged the Indian reputation also as a secular country. That is why the blue color was officially chosen for the Indian cricket team jersey.

The blue color symbolizes the sky and the ocean, representing the vastness of sporting achievements, the effort needed to succeed, and the room for improvement to reach some new heights.

This is the reason why the Indian cricket team cannot change the color of their jersey to any other color. All the Indian cricket players are proud of their jersey and they carry a positive attitude with their jersey which is surely needed.

History of Indian Cricket Team Jersey

India has officially participated in every single men’s World Cup since 1975. It was a standard in the first four editions of the World Cup for players to wear the white color jersey. So the first World Cup in which teams wore colored jerseys for the first in 1992. India made its debut at the World Cup with a dark blue shade jersey. But later the color of the jersey switched to a lighter shade.

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