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Why Did The Earlier Indian Cricket Team Have Different Jerseys For Each Series Or Tournament And Now It Remains The Same For All Series?

Indian Cricket Team: A lot of people have asked why the earlier Indian cricket team had different jerseys for each series or tournament but now it remains the same for every single series. This is a very serious question as there is a history behind this question. Nobody is completely sure why it happens. But there is a theory that is given to us by our source. You should know about this theory. So read this blog till the end.

Indian Cricket Team

Early Indian Cricket Team Used To Have Different Jerseys For Each Series Or Tournament: Why It Remains Same Now?

Some people claim that in the early times Indian cricket team used to have different jerseys for each series. First of all, this is a very serious topic as currently there are no proper records where it is shown that the Indian team used to wear different jerseys in every single tournament. It is because wearing different jerseys is not possible because the Indian jersey represents our country and changing it every time is not possible.

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The Indian cricket jersey has been in blue since the 1990s. In starting it was light blue and now it is dark blue. The color has evolved now. Indian cricket team have always different jerseys for the World Cup but for the rest of the series, it is not all the time. But yes it happens that the sponsors change every single time even in different different tournaments. The brand’s logo is printed on the jersey nowadays. But in the early days, it was not used to.

According to the reports, the Indian team wore the same jersey from 2002 to 2007 in a row. Then it got changed in the 2007 World Cup and it remained completely the same for the next 2 years. It has been claimed when India lost the World Cup, the team had the superstition of not changing the jersey for the world event.

The Indian cricket jersey is blue. The blue color represents the sky and ocean but more than that it is associated with our Ashok Chakra. The Ashok Chakra is presented in the middle of India’s national flag. The dark blue color in Ashok Chakra was chosen as the primary color of the Indian cricket team’s ODI jersey when the colored uniforms were officially introduced in the ODI format of cricket. The first Indian blue color jersey of the Indian ODI was worn in 1992. Blue color automatically became the choice to associate it with Indian jersey. This color signifies the sky and ocean.

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