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Why Do New Cricket Bats Need Knocking?

If you are a cricketer or a fan of cricket so you must be aware of knocking. Knocking is a process that is performed with cricket bats, especially with the new cricket bats. A lot of cricketers have been captured while knocking. It is done with the new bat but do you know why the new bats need the knocking? What is the importance of knocking? To know read this blog till the end.

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What Is Knocking In Cricket?

In cricket, knocking is a process that is done with the new cricket bats, It is a process of hardening and conditioning the surface of the blade of the bat. It helps protect the bat from cracking and therefore it also increases the usable file. It also improves the middle of the bat so the middle is bigger and better.

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Why Do New Cricket Bats Need Knocking?

The new cricket bats need knocking for the improvement. In the manufacturing of bats, they are pressed using a mechanical press. The mechanical press applies up to 2 tons/square inch of pressure to the face of the bat through a roller.

Willow is a soft timber in its natural state and it has to be pressed so to form a hard, resilient layer on the surface of the bat. After that, a bat is shaped. The finished bat needs a final hardening because the mechanical is not able to completely protect the bat. That is why knocking is important. It needs knocking in by hand with a mallet. Knocking helps protect the new cricket bats from cracking.

It also increases the life of bats. It improved the middle of the bat so the middle is bigger and better. As per the experts, a new bat should be knocked for around 4 to 5 hours so that it gets prepared for the match.

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