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Why Do People Still Love The Sahara Jerseys For The Indian Cricket Team?

If you have been following cricket for a long time, we are sure that you haven’t forgotten the Sahara Jerseys of the Indian cricket team. These jerseys were not just jerseys, they were an emotion for many people. Till now people are in love with these jerseys. But have you ever thought about why these jerseys become an emotion and people cannot forget it? Come let’s learn this in this article.

Sahara Jerseys

Sahara Jerseys For The Indian Cricket Team

Sahara on the jerseys of the Indian cricket team was referred to as Sahara India Pariwar. It was a major Indian conglomerate with interest in several sectors such as finance, infrastructure, housing, media, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality, and consumer merchandise retail.

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The Sahara Indian Pariwar was the principal sponsor of the Indian cricket team for a specific period because it was a part of an agreement. The logo of Sahara or name would often appear on the team jerseys. It is very important to learn that sponsorship agreements can change over time. Now the Sahara is replaced by Star India.

Some people also claim that Sahara jerseys were a curse for the Indian cricket team, it was claimed after its founder was officially charged with criminal cases and the brand fizzled away.

Why People Still Love Sahara Jerseys For The Indian Cricket Team?

A lot of people still love Sahara jerseys for the Indian cricket team because it is an emotion. Most people have grown up watching cricketers in these jerseys. The sponsorship between Sahara and the Indian cricket team has been covered and now the sponsor of the Indian team is Star India. But still,l people miss watching the old jerseys.

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