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Why Good Batsman In Tape Ball Cricket Find Difficult In Hardball?

Here we are going to look at a very common problem of many cricketers. A lot of cricketers have claimed that they a good batsmen in tape ball cricket but they find it difficult in hardball. Those cricket players are not aware of why this is happening to them. So we have done a lot of research and asked about this problem from an expert. So here we are going to tell you why it is happening to you.


Why Good Batsman In Tape Ball Cricket Find Difficult In Hardball?

As per the expert, a good batsman in tape ball scores a lot of runs for their team and on the other hand does not get out cheaply. When the cricket player hits a ball hard and hits it far and then runs between wickets fast. At that time the player challenged himself and moved to play with a leather ball.

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So it is good for the player as it is important because many players never transition themself from tape ball to leather cricket ball for several reasons. The tape ball batsman finds the leather ball very hard and the bowler finds it easier to move to the leather ball. It is because bowling with a heavier ball is very easy to get the ball up the other end of the pitch.

How To Play With Harder Ball?

To play with a heavy ball you have to give time and practice a lot. You just do not have to bash it, but have to play with the ball and start with the classic cricket shots and also expand your range of shots from there. To succeed in it you have to be patient because you are going to find a lot of problems and difficulties.

Practicing with a leather ball is like ganging from a string for many people. But the player has to be prepared for every single situation. If the player is finding difficulties with the harder ball they should go to their coach and ask their coach to help him out. After that, it’s all about technique and practice and these things will make you succeed in playing with harder balls.

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