Women’s World Cup T20 – ICC rejected Cricket Australia request for Reserve Day

All the four Semi-finalist including host Australia, England runner up of previous edition, South Africa and India 2018 semi-finalist made into the Top 4 for the Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 which is being played in Australia.

It seems difficult for both the teams in the tournament to play due to bad weather conditions. Looking at the Weather forecast for rain, the Australian Cricket Association had sought permission for Reserve Day International Cricket Council.

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India and England will be playing first semi-final for Women’s World Cup T20 on Thursday 05th March at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The second semi-finalist team who will be competing against each other are South Africa and Australia.

If the rains tend to fall resulting in cancellation of matches, host Australia and England will be the two teams who will be out of race for winning the title of Women’s World Cup T20, on the other hand, India and South Africa would directly qualify for Finals which would be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground on 8th March.

International Cricket Council (ICC) Denied the consideration of Reserve Day for the T20 World Cup tournament, a request which was made by Australian Cricket Chief Kevin Roberts for reserve day schedule looking at the playing conditions due to rains.

Kevin Roberts said in one of the interviews on Wednesday given to Radio station that “We have already questioned about playing conditions in Australia, but we do respect the decision, as we have said the same thing in the tournaments that are held in Australia”.

“It gives you cause to reflect on how you might improve things in the future absolutely, but going into a tournament with a given set of playing conditions and rules I don’t think it”s time to tinker with that as much as with an Australian hat on I might love that,” he added.

ICC Spokesperson said ICC T20 World Cup is a small event where Reserve Day privilege can only be taken into consideration for the final match and not at any other point of the match as this will prolong the tournament.

However, an ICC spokesperson said: “The ICC T20 World Cups are short sharp events where reserve days are factored in for the final. Allowing for any other reserve days would have extended the length of the event, which isn’t feasible.”

“There is a clear and fair alternative should there be no play in any of the semi-finals with the winner of the group progressing.”

On the other side Group B matched which were scheduled to play on Tuesday, only Thailand W and Pakistan W were able to play the match South Africa and West Indies match was abandoned even without a bowl bowled.

For the finals already 50,000 tickets are sold out which is to take place at Melbourne Cricket Stadium on Sunday.

ICC Rules for Tournament

During Knock Out matches if there’s no Reserve Day privilege, and matches get canceled due to rains or any other conditions it’s the top four teams in the group who will be taken ahead for semi-finals.

This clearly states the two teams who will be at first position in their respective groups will get direct entry to the Finals and the rest two teams at the second position will be out of the tournament.

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