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“I think they can, we are candidates”: Xavi Hernandez opens up on Spain’s chances of winning Euro 2020 while also putting light on Messi’s contract situation

Former spanish international and FC Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez recently gave an interview to spanish media outlet Diario AS in which he spoke about Spain’s chances of winning the Euro 2020 and the potential of FC Barcelona’s young midfielder Pedri. He also gave a hint as to when we might see him as the manager of his former club.

The following article consists of the most interesting excerpts from his interview.

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Xavi Hernadez’s Full Interview

Luis Enrique’s Spain being questioned

“Criticism seems to me within normality, we live it from within. The environment of Spain is very critical, very demanding. It’s a shame. No team is made in the press. That’s why it’s more complicated with Spain to win titles. We achieved it with our generation, but it’s complicated.”

Xavi feels that Luis Enrique’s methods need to be trusted

No Real Madrid player being selected in the squad

“It is difficult with the environment and more a coach who does not have Madrid players, in the Madrid environment that is the National Team. In the end you have to accept the criticisms, escape and focus on the game. They are doing very well and they are already in the quarterfinals.”

Messi becoming a free agent

“And Sergio Ramos. Let’s see how the situation looks. I see Messi happy in Barça. Everything indicates that he is going to renew and I wish him all the best. Both are needed. I imagine that in a few days the renewal will be announced.”

Will Messi Renew?

“I’m not him to decide anything, but I would say that he is going to renew. He seeks happiness and in Barça he will find it again. I’m not in the day-to-day life of the club. Leo was finishing his contract and there has been a change of president. It’s not easy.”

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Xavi Hernandez believes that it’s just a matter of time before Lionel Messi signs new contract

Pedri’s talent

“Age is surprising. With his years, demonstrate this soccer skill… It’s smart, one-on-one ability, a great vision to take the last step… It is a talent that must be taken care of. It’s making a difference.”

Pedri selected for the Olympic Games

“Have fun. He is 18 years old. We have all played 70-75 games for a season. I’m sure he really wants to go to the Games. I was very excited at the time. Barcelona has other interests, but the soccer player is intelligent and wants to take advantage of this opportunity,” Xavi Hernandez opined.

18 year old Pedri has been selected for Spain’s squad for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Spain’s chances of winning the euro cup

“I think they can, we are candidates. Luis Enrique works very well and has very clear ideas. There are many surprises in the tournament and Spain can be one of the candidates. The way has been paved.”

Will Xavi Hernandez ever coach FC Barcelona?

“With Laporta I have friendship but nothing more from there. I wish you the best, Laporta as president, Koeman as coach and the players, who are friends with many. I always want Barcelona to win.”

Visiting Camp Nou

“I hadn’t come for two years. I come to enjoy and I’m very happy to be here.”

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