Yuvraj Singh says objectionable words to Yuzvendra Chahal, criticized

Yuvraj Singh is arguably the biggest cricket hero of the past decade. The player fought cancer and played important roles in two World Cup victories for the nation. The left-hander has been one of the busiest cricketers in the lockdown and has continuously appeared in various live sessions on Instagram. The cricketer has also done various interviews and has managed to keep his fans engaged in the lockdown.

However, in one such incident, the former Indian international rippled a few controversies. In his latest Instagram Live with Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh said some objectionable words to the Indian leg spinner Yazuvendra Chahal which called out to a particular caste in India. In the wake of the current scenario when the USA is fighting against racism after the alleged homicide of George Floyd, the comments of Yuvraj Singh have not gone down well with Indian cricket fans.

Yuvraj Singh Maanfi Maange trends on twitter

In the Instagram live between Rohit Sharma and Singh both the batsmen were talking about the recent Tik Tok videos of Yuzvendra Chahal which have been trending in the past few weeks. Both the batsmen were making fun of Chahal and his dance videos which sometimes even contain his parents. However, Yuvraj Singh used the word ‘Bhangi’ for Chahal and it was not well received by cricket fans.

The activist slammed it as ‘casteist’ and derogatory to a particular segment of people. The user on twitter soon started the trend #YuvrajSinghMaafimaange and the users criticized Yuvraj on the microblogging site.

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A few users even went up to the extend of blaming the mindset of people such as Yuvraj Singh for the oppression in India.  A user wrote

The statement of was a result of years of suppression we causally hears – ओ भंगी, ऐ चमार… But actually who made it a shame…What about the Mugals who gifted us these words all these insulted words was the result of not accepting ISLAM… #युवराज_सिंह_माफी_मांगो

Another user also criticized Yuvraj Singh for his statements

Strict measures should be taken against all who use casteist slurs including the recent case of Yuvraj. Demeaning the Valmiki Samaj through derogatory use of “bhangi” is yet another instance showing how blind do people remain with their caste privilege.

Do you think Yuvraj Singh is at fault here? Tell us in the comment box what do you feel about all this.

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