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Can You Sell The Indian Cricket Jersey Replica Without The Nike Logo? Is This Illegal?

A lot of people ask one question a lot of time can they sell the Indian Cricket Jersey Replica without the Nike Logo? This question has been generally asked by the people who want to start their new business. People ask whether it’s legal or illegal. So there are several theories about this query but there is one simple answer to this question. To know that answer, read this blog till the end.

Indian Cricket Jersey Replica

No, you cannot sell the Indian Cricket Jersey Replica without the Nike logo. It is compulsory to have the Nike logo on the jersey. Some people find this work tough or think that this work is not legal. But there is nothing like that. Selling Indian Jersey Replica is allowed but selling it without the logo is not allowed. The BCCI and Star TV logo should also be not there.

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On the other hand, you can try some different edited logos which is similar to the original one. You can sell the jersey replica but not without the Nike logo. You can find a lot of difficulties and legal trouble if you sell it without the logo of Nike. But remember that the logo of Star TV should not be there. But you can try different logos as per your choice.

Is Selling Indian Cricket Jersey Replica Illegal?

No, selling the Indian Cricket Jersey is not illegal at all. It is completely legal but you have to look at some measures you cannot print the Star TV logo on the replica but you have to print the Nike logo on the replica which is compulsory.

Till now you might have seen a lot of shopkeepers selling the first copy of the original jersey for a very low price. They sell the first copy for around ₹700 to ₹1,000. The first copy of the original jersey looks the same. They are the exact copy of the original ones. However, it has been known that manufacturing and selling the first copies is illegal under Indian law and the original company. The company can legally sue you which will cause you legal trouble and you will also face big financial trouble. It is much better to make some amendments to the original logos and use them in your Indian Cricket Jersey Replica.

It is completely possible to sell the Indian Jersey replica but with legal permission. You can either take the license or franchise from big brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc. It generally depends upon your financial license or franchise from the big brands in India.

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