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What Happens To Cricketers Jerseys After A Match?

Have you ever wondered, what happens to cricketers’ jerseys after a match? Does someone collect them for laundry? Or do the cricketers wear the jerseys themselves? Do they get new jerseys for every single match? If they get a new jersey every single match what happens to used jerseys? Come let’s find out this in this blog, so now take a deep dive into this blog.

Cricketers Jerseys

What Happens To Cricketers Jerseys?

A lot of people stay curious in learning, what happens to cricketers jerseys after the match. On this question, the Chief selector of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Ajit Agarkar claimed that each player gets a set of jerseys for a tour. They can always get some more jerseys if they want at any time. He claimed that like for a 4-Test series, they got around 6 to 8 and he was very happy with that. He also claimed that on a tough bowling day, he used 2 to 4 jerseys in a single day.

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Does Someone Collect Cricketers Jerseys For Laundry?

On this Ajit Agarkar said, there are laundry options also at the ground and they just ask them to wash and dry and iron the jersey right there. They get to keep all of their jerseys. Ajit said that he used to keep them early in his career but later he restored to giving them away later on passing them on to charity.

Ajit stated that they have even more jerseys available to them and there is no dearth of money for most major boards. In the conversation, Ajit also claimed that he put together a longer and more response in full detail in a few days if anybody reminded him, but there was a curious idea as to what happens with jerseys. All the players get jerseys for every single new game or whenever they need a new one.

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Ajit Agarkar said that Aakash Chopra played in 10 test matches in his career, and he has given him two of his international shirts. They are given bunch of shirts for a series or tour, that is how they work. He said that Aakash gave him his almost brand-new shirts.

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