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How Are Cricket Pitches Made? What Is The Whole Process?

A lot of people have asked how are cricket pitches made. What is the entire process of making a pitch? A lot of people are not aware of this and mostly those people who don’t have much interest in cricket or just love to watch matches nothing else. So here we have shared the entire process of making a pitch which you should check out if you want to learn it.


What Is A Cricket Pitch?

The cricket pitch consists of a central strop of the cricket field between wickets. According to the experts, it is 22 yd (20.12 m) long (1 chain) and 10 ft (3.05 m) wide. Also, the surface is flat and it is normally covered with very short grass but it can be dry or dusty soil with any grass.

How Are Cricket Pitches Made?

Making a cricket pitch is a precise and skilled process that involves a lot of steps to properly make sure that the pitch is going to give a fair and consistent playing surface for the game. To know the entire process of making a pitch, so keep reading this blog.

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Process Of Making A Cricket Pitch?

There is a properly managed process of making a cricket pitch:

Select The Site:

First, select a suitable location for the pitch in the cricket ground. There are several factors like soil type, drainage, sunlight exposure, and the prevailing wind direction are taken into consideration.

Prepare The Soil:

The soil at the pitch area requires to be fully prepared meticulously. The top layer of the soil is mostly removed to expose the subsoil. After that, the soil is leveled and then it is compacted to create a firm base for the pitch.

Laying The Pitch:

The pitch consists of a prepared strip of land that is 22 yards in length. The pitch is made of clay with grass covering the surface. The pitch is laid out to make sure the level and the correct dimensions.

Rolling The Pitch:

The pitch needs to be rolled using a heavy roller to compact the soil and creat a hard surface. It helps to ensure consistent bounce and pace on the pitch.


The grass is a very important part of the pitch as it gives the grip for the bowlers and it also helps the ball to seam and swing. The grass on the pitch needs to be kept at the right length which is approximately 8 to 10 mm to ensure optimal playing conditions.

Maintain The Pitch:

Regular maintenance is important to keep the pitch in healthy and good condition. It includes watering, mowing, rolling, and also covering the pitch.

Pitch Preparation For Matches:

Every time before a match, the pitch is properly prepared to meet some needs of the game. The groundsmen use some tools like pitch covers, mowers, and rollers to properly adjust the pitch conditions which are based on several factors like weather, team preferences, and match format.

Pitch Inspection:

Before the match starts, the pitch has to undergo for the inspection by match officials to make sure that the pitch meets the required standards for play.

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