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What Is The Size Of Cricket Stumps?

A lot of people wonder and ask what is the perfect size of cricket stumps. There are several sizes of stumps. The people who want to buy new stumps should first look at this blog as here we have shared the best sizes that you should look for at the time of buying.

Cricket Stumps

Size Of Cricket Stumps

There are three sizes of cricket stumps. The first size is 28 inches (71.1 cm) tall. Each stump has a diameter of around 1.38 inches (3.5 cm). And the distance between the two outer stumps is 9 inches (22.86 cm).

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These dimensions are set by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and are also used in all levels of professional cricket matches. The tops of the stumps shall be 28 in 71.12 cm above the playing surface and they shall be shaped except for the bail grooves.

The portion of a stump above the playing surface which shall be cylindrical apart from the domed top in a circular section of diameter not less than 1.38 in 3.50 cm but not more than 1.5 in 3.81 cm.

The cricket stumps are three vertical posts that support two bails. These bails when completely dislodged by any type of action are used to dismiss the batsman. Every single stump is 28 cm tall with a diameter of 3.81 cm. The main position of stumps is referred to as an off stump, leg stump, and middle stump relative to a left or right-handed batsman.

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